The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life in April 2013

My mom and I are cub scout leaders together and here we are in our uniforms.
Our Troop with their Pinewood Derby Cars
Daniel proud of the car he and Dave built
We spent Spring Break here at home, but tried to do some fun things while the kids were out of school.  Here we are at a park.
Lizzy is in a phase where she sticks her tongue out every time I try to take a picture!
Nathan is so good to his sisters.  He really dotes on them and helps them with things.
We went to the Lehi Rec Center and tried out their indoor pool. They kids loved it and luckily we now have one closer to home so we can go more often.
Daniel and his crazy face!
Since the kids are getting older we decided to hike the 'Y'. It was quite the effort to get to the top, but once we made it they were so proud.  They point out the 'y' every time we drive by it now.
The view from the "y"
Another Park
Dane was in town visiting. It was fun to spend time with him while he was here.
Mimi's famous Easter Egg Hunt
My girls absolutely love their cousin Siena. She is their age and quite a character.
Mimi's Easter Egg hunt gets competitive because she buys really great prizes they are all excited about winning.
My brother Stephan with Baby Colton
Celebrating my Mom's birthday while we were all together.

Easter 2013
We spent Easter at Grandma Jensen's house this year with our Jensen cousins.

There are quite a few Jensen cousins so the Easter Egg Hunt there takes some quick skill to get eggs in time before they are all gone!
Nathan catching his breath!
Utah Jensen Cousins