The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Things Utah

Last Monday, Dressed in White was featured in a segment on Good Things Utah. Mom was interviewed it and she asked a bunch of little girls to model her baptism dresses.

Elizabeth also was on the show modeling one of the heirloom blessing gowns.

Claire's Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we were invited to Dave's niece, Claire's 2nd birthday party. As always, Dave's sister Linda, did an amazing job making it fun for the kids. They loved the Sunflower cake, making book marks and playing with their cousins.

Daniel and Claire
Dave with his brother Brad
The birthday cake was so cute.
All of the cousins were interested in Elizabeth.

The Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Dave was asked my our Bishop's wife to make a cheesecake wedding cake for their daughter's wedding. Dave was very flattered. He spent every night for about a week making cheesecakes. He had to make 10 for the wedding. He was relieved when he was done (as was Ashley-- she was tired of washing cheesecake pans!).

Our Bishop and his wife Mary Ann. We just love them.
Their daughter Chelsea and her groom, Jon. Their daughter Bethany on the left is in YW with Ashley.
It is finished!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Visit from Leslie

Last week Ashley's best friend Leslie and her family came to visit us from Lethbridge, Canada. She has 3 kids, who are all about a year older than ours. They have been living in Canada for the past 5 years while her husband, Eric has been in Medical School & now doing his residency.We went on a tour of BYU. Here is the courtyard in front of Dave's building. The kids had fun playing in the water, because unfortunately, the Bakers came just as a miserable heat wave hit Utah!
Nathan worn out from walking the perimeter of BYU's campus. A lot of steps for those little legs!
Leslie making Elizabeth smile.
The kids all had so much fun together. They just ran around the whole time! Daniel keeps asking to go back to the water park with Justin (he doesn't understand how far away Canada is!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orem Summerfest

Last week, Ashley and the boys went to the city of Orem's summerfest fair with Mimi. The boys had so much fun and are already asking when the fair is going to come back. The rides were perfect for little kids.
Nathan LOVED the motorcyles and cars. He went on them over and over again!

Grandma Mimi with the boys on the carousel.
We were happily surprised at how fun the fair was. They had lots of rides, food, entertainment and also firetrucks! This shot was taken from the top of the ferris wheel. Daniel really wanted to go on it and Ashley (being afraid of heights) tackled her fear and went with him. She just didn't look down too much. This picture was taken very quickly!
Papa came and met us at the fair after work. He took the boys to see the firetrucks and the helicopter. And, bought them kettle corn which they loved!


The boys have been such great helpers with Elizabeth. They both can't wait to wake her up and feed her! (and they do often :). But, they give her lots of kisses and are just so interested in her.
Nathan has really warmed up towards Elizabeth over the past week or two. He seems to have accepted her as part of our family and isn't as clingy with Ashley as he has been. He's been more like himself, thank goodness. He's excited to do what Daniel does-- feed her, kiss her, etc. He is still learning that 'soft' doesn't mean hitting her on the head!

Daniel has been such a great helper. He often feeds Elizabeth for Ashley and is so caring and gentle towards her. He's excited to see her smile now that she has started that.
Ashley has really had fun dressing Elizabeth up in all of the little clothes she has. Unfortunately, Elizabeth has some really cute newborn things which are now getting snug. It's sad that they only got worn once or twice.

Monday, June 9, 2008


We are adjusting to life with 3 kids. Things have definitely become busy-- someone always needs Ashley's attention and there is always something to be done around the house! But, Elizabeth is an absolute dream baby-- she is always happy and just likes to be around the rest of the family. We feel very blessed.

"Elizabeth" brought the boys this new red race car. Since we'll be spending a lot of time at home this summer, "she" thought it would be a fun diversion for the boys.
Our irises were amazing this year due to the cooler Spring. Dave has been busy in the yard and garage building bunk beds and making our flowers look beautiful. He's gotten Daniel very interested in gardening too. Daniel even has his own little garden.
Elizabeth going to church for the 1st time at 2 weeks old. The Young Women loved her and all wanted to hold her.
Elizabeth looks just like her daddy (and Daniel).
Daniel is a huge helper with Elizabeth. If she is awake, he swarms to her and wants to feed her and hold her. He's really taken with her.
Elizabeth 3 weeks old having a bath. We have to wash all that hair!
Nathan's summer haircut. He also likes to help with Elizabeth although, he is having a hard to adjusting to not being the baby anymore. There have been lots of tantrums and tears.
Elizabeth is a very observant baby. She likes to watch what's going on around her.