The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Friday, August 13, 2010

Life in July 2010

It has been so much fun to watch the girls grow up over the last month. They are starting to play together and even fight occasionally! In these pictures, Rachel found a little box to sit in and Lizzy got jealous. They starting fighting over the box so Ashley got them each their own and they were so happy!

There is nothing Rachel loves more these days, then emptying out a box or drawer and then sitting in it!

Nathan has been such a big help this summer. He always wants to be the one to push Rachel's stroller.

And, of course, Lizzy has to push her doll in a stroller and be a little mama!

The boys had fun doing a little face painting with some new markers we got!

We got another ride-on car this summer off of KSL. This mustang is cool because 2 people can ride in it and it has a great radio. Here Nathan is giving our neighbor Simon a ride.

Nathan is quite the builder.

All 4 kids enjoying blocks on a Sunday morning...

Rachel really likes stacking blocks and knocking them down. It's another one of her favorite things to do these days.

Ashley took the kids to Bridal Veil falls to play in the water. Here the boys are throwing rocks...

An attempt at a family picture of all 4 kids...

Rachel did not want to miss out on the fun. She insisted on putting her feet in the freezing water and tossing in rocks.

Lizzy was very cautious about getting in the water.

Lizzy accessorized this outfit herself-- with the necklaces, hat, etc. She loves her 'pretties' and being a little princess.

Lizzy likes to 'help' with the household chores.


Ashley took the kids to the Balloon festival for the 4th of July. It starts at 6:30 Am and you get to watch all the hot air balloons inflate. We love it.

The girls were enchanted with the balloons.

We loved the 'diet coke' balloon.