The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Our little Elizabeth is 10 weeks old. She is an absolute dream baby- happy most of the time, cuddily and usually has a smile for everyone. She is such a blessing. The boys just love her!

Even though she looks like Dave (and like the boys!) she seems to have the Heilner coloring. At least there's some indication that she's Ashley's baby!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girls Camp

Last week Ashley had the chance to go up to Girls Camp with our ward at Mia Shalom. She had a great time and really enjoyed spending time with the girls in Young Womens.This is Sarah Peterson our stake YW President. The theme of camp this year was 'We Will Rock You' (mostly referencing the Savior), but they had a fun rock concert the first night and got all dressed up.
Debra Sowell with a mohawk.
Our campsite
The girls who went to camp from our ward.
Ashley with Lisa McKinney our camp director.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jensen Family Reunion

Over 4th of July weekend we headed down to Cedar City for a Jensen family reunion. All 5 of Dave's siblings and their families were there. I believe that there were 34 of us!

Dave's parents has the reunion well planned. Each day there were day trips we could choose and then in the evenings we would hang out in a hotel banquet room and have dinner and play games. Above is Teresa with Katie and Lauren. (Dave's sister-in-law and nieces).
Pictures from our hike to Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Dave's Brother Ronnie and his family.
Dave's niece Sherry with her daughter Kate. (They are little look alikes).
This was a pretty typical shot of Nathan on the trip. He refused to sleep at night in the hotel room (or during the day for that matter) so he was basically wreck the whole trip.
Dave's sister Linda with her family.
Dave with his dad.
While Ashely was hanging out in the parking with Nathan waiting for everyone, she took some artistic pictures.
Ashley and Elizabeth.
The St. George Temple
Nathan refused to go in the visitor's center where there was air conditioning. Instead he insisted on walking the temple grounds in the 110 degree heat. (Much more fun don't you think?)
Some of the grandkids who went to the St. George temple.