The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, September 29, 2008


Since Ashley signed Daniel up for activities (playdates/preschool) every day, poor Nathan has been so sad adjusting to being alone with Ashley all day. So, she's been trying to do things with the "little kids" like take walks, invite friends over etc. This picture was taken after a walk.

Elizabeth has really changed in the last week or so, now that she's 4 months. She is so much more giggily and playful. She's really moved past the newborn phase and is now a chubby happy baby.
Lizzie always has a smile for everyone.
She was interested in Ashley's camera and was trying to grab it *(to suck on it) during the photo.
The boys having fun at a park.
Daniel treats Lizzie like a pet he just can't get enough of. If she's around he'll just kiss and squeeze her non stop. It almost bothers her that he's so attentive, but it's cute to see how much he loves her.

One of Elizabeth's favorite pastimes these days is sucking on her dresses. She is starting to put everything in her mouth....

The Apline Loop

Last Sunday, Ashley took the kids for a drive along the Alpine loop in Provo Canyon. The trees were beautiful with fall colors up at Sundance, but the Aspens on the Alpine Loop had not become yellow yet, so that we a bit of a bummer. But, in a few weeks it should be perfect.

Daniel's pose of choice these days.
We had to stop for a potty break. Can you tell?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brooke's Visit

A few weeks ago, Ashley's sister Brooke came to visit from Washington DC. We hadn't seen her for while, since she had been in Beijing all summer working for the Olympics so it was fun to catch up and spend time with her. Brooke accompanied us to Daniel's preschool orientation at BYU.
Brooke's pregnant with her first child, a boy due Dec. 20th.
Daniel loves playing in the fountains by Dave's office
Daniel's preschool is in the same building as Dave's office. So, it's convenient to drop in and visit him when we pick Daniel up from school... A rare photo of Dave holding Elizabeth.
Daniel's teacher Miss Dorie.