The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life in September

One of the exciting things that has happened in the last week is that Lizzy has learned to stand all on her own. She also has become much more interested in walking (since she still doesn't walk).
Lizzy loves this walker toy we have. We leave it in the kitchen and she keeps wanting to walk back and forth. She is so excited when she uses it and is proud of herself for walking!
The boys have started up swimming lessons again on Sat. mornings. Daniel had the chance to swim a lot this summer with his friend Jonny, so he just jumped right back into lessons easily. But, Nathan has been a little bit more scared of the water. With Rachel's arrival this summer, he didn't get the chance to swim much!
One of the exciting things that has happened this month,is that Daniel has actually learned how to swim in the deep end. He loves to swim and is so excited about this accomplishment.
With Daniel at school every day, Nathan has become Ashley's helper. He loves baby Rachel and enjoys making her smile.
Rachel's colic seems to be passing. She still isn't the most easy going baby, but the hours of her being unsettled and crying seem to be improving. She is also becoming a great sleeper and napper, which is such a blessing!!
Daniel started kindergarden and loves it! His only disappointment is that he doesn't get to ride the bus since they discontinued the bus route by our house.
Nathan also started preschool 3 days a week. He is so excited to have something of this own and to get out of the house. He is very social and loves playing with friends there.
Ashley has been volunteering in Daniel's classroom 2 times a month. It's fun to see him in his school environment.
Ashley was in charge of a big Etiquette dinner for the Young men and Young Women at Church. She recruited Dave as head chef and he cooked an amazing 4 course dinner for everyone-- including homemade cheesecake and french bread.
Dave in the kitchen with some of the women Ashely serves with.
Here are a few more pictures of Rachel's baby blessing on Sept. 6th.
An attempt to get a picture of all 4 kids together.
Daniel is so sweet with his sisters. He and Nathan fight a lot, but they are very caring with the babies.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rachel's Baby Blessing

We blessed our baby Rachel on Sunday. Dave gave her a beautiful blessing and afterwards we had some family members over to our house for lunch. Ashley took more pictures with her other camera, but she hasn't had the chance to download them yet, so more to come! Here is Rachel with Ashley's mom.
Lizzy with Grandma Jensen
Rachel wore a beautiful gown from Dressed in White. Someday Ashley wants to put it in a shadow box to save it forever!
Baby Rachel and Mimi
Ashley's brother Stephan with his daughter Siena
Dave with Lizzy
Ashley's brother Dane with his girlfriend Brenna (they were visiting from Boston).