The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life in February

Here are some photos of our life in February. The boys are still adjusting to their new beds and room. It is still a daily battle to get the kids to sleep past 5 AM. Here is a cute picture of how they turned their bed into a fort.
The boys like to share the same bed sometimes.
Daniel loves Elizabeth SO Much. He is so nuturing and attentive to her.
Here he is showering her with kisses.
One of the boys favorite activities right now is doing "science". They love to mix colors of water together and turn them into crystals.
Daniel is quite the poser!
Lizzy got her first two teeth this month! She also had RSV and still managed to be so pleasant through it all. We are continually amazed at her happy tempermant. She is so special to us.
Ashley had several big Young Womens activities in Feb: New Beginnings, a trip to the Draper Temple Open House and then a fund raiser for girls camp where we sold Valentines flowers. Here are the flowers that Dave bought for Ashley.
The boys love to help make cookies.

Dad & Nathan's Birthday

Ashley's Dad and Nathan have birthdays one day apart in January. So, we celebrated at Ashley's parents house a few days later with cake and presents.

Nathan absolutely loved the present Ashley's parents got him-- a Mack Truck with compartments to put "his friends" ("Cars" characters).
Ashley and her sibilings gave her dad a popcorn maker for his birthday.
Dad and Elizabeth