The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celebrating Our Baby Girls Birthdays in May

Lizzy turned 2 on May 18th

Rachel got her first tooth at 12 months old! It was a top one, which was kind of a surprise-- since we have been expecting her bottom teeth any day for the last 5 months!

Nathan graduated from Miss Julie's preschool. He is now headed to BYU Preschool this summer and fall/winter. Daniel will also be going there thus summer to their post-kindergarten program.

We had such weird cold weather this Spring, that this old tree next door, blossomed for the first time in it's 20 year existence. It was beautiful!

Daniel has become quite the outdoorsman. He loves to hike, climb trees, run around....

Daniel graduated from kindergarten. He had such a wonderful teacher this year in Mrs. Mackay. We will miss her!

We had a big joint family birthday party for Lizzy and Rachel in May at the girls favorite park nearby. We were so worried that it would be crowded over Memorial day weekend, but since it was only 50 degrees we were the only ones there!

Dave with his parents (Grandma Jensen & Paka)

Ashley took the boys to ride Thomas the Train in Heber. Nathan is VERY into trains so it was an activity of a lifetime for him. It was so much fun. We went up there with Ashley's friend Emily and her boys.

Nathan loved his temporary Thomas the Train tatoo so much, he wouldn't let us wash it off for 2 weeks.

Ashley's Dad

The Grandmas

Ashley's brother Stephan came with his wife Carina and kids.

Stephan's daughter Siena, who is exactly 6 months between both Lizzy & Rachel.

Papa with the birthday girls.

Rachel loved this baby doll she had been given for her birthday...

Dave's niece with her husband Bryan. They are expecting baby #3!

Dave's sister Linda (can you tell they're related?)

Lizzy enjoying the frosting on her birthday cake. She loved blowing out the candles this year!

Papa with Rachel

Baby Rachel turned 1 on May 31st!