The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, November 16, 2009

Life in October

Life in October was very busy. Young Womens had some big activities, Halloween came with late nights and school parties, Dave has had a VERY busy semester at school, with 3 difficult classes and lots of grading and as always, having 4 kids has been very demanding.... Here is a picture of the Young Women serving at the Utah Food Bank.
Ashley loves this picture of Rachel and Nathan because it really show how Rachel is. She is VERY social and demands constant interaction and attention. She can be a lot of fun when she gets what she wants. The boys love her because she is always laughing at them and making cute baby noises. She is going to be the life of our family as she gets older.
Another picture from the Utah Food Bank service project. We sorted through hundreds of canned goods that were donated and got them ready to ship out to local food banks. Ashley is pictured with Anna, one of the laurel advisers in our ward. (and a good friend).
This year for Halloween Daniel was a doctor. Daniel has really gotten into running and swimming. He does swim lessons every Saturday and now is able to jump into the deep end and swim to the other side of the pool by himself. He also runs everywhere he can (really fast) and plays with his best friend Jonny every day after school.

Here is our whole family trick-o-treating in our neighborhood
Nathan wanted to be a fireman this year and wouldn't even consider something else! It was actually hard to find a fireman costume, so Ashley had to order it online! A lot of little boys HAVE to be fireman at Halloween. (Nathan shared the same obsession!).
Right before Trick-o-treating. We had great weather this year.
Lizzy was a cute little flower fairy. She has started walking finally at 18 months. She still has to choose to do so-- often she just prefers to crawl-- but she is capable of walking!
Rachel our little flower
Daniels Kindergarden teacher, Mrs.Mackay was Cat in the Hat. This was taken during a Halloween parade at school.
This is Rachel's favorite thing to chew on-- her index finger! It must have been that way in the womb.
Lots of smiles.
Daniel being silly. He turns 6 in December.
Fall has been so much fun. The boys love raking leaves and jumping into piles.

The boys are protective of their piles.
A trip to the Provo Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead with the Young Women.
Grandma Jensen's birthday party.