The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April 2010

Boys at swim lessons

Lizzy LOVED Mimi's Easter Egg tree!

There's nothing like getting M&M's from a tree!

Hanging out at Mimi & Papa's.

Lizzy has a special relationship with Papa.

Rachel with Mimi.

Lining up for the Easter Egg hunt. Mimi always buys great prizes so they were excited to compete for the most eggs....

Lizzy really fun during the Easter Egg hunt.

The hunt.

Rachel 11 months

Our little Rachel LOVES her dad.

Such a cute picture.

The Big Hunt at Grandma Jensen's. We spent Easter day with Dave's family and Conference Saturday at Ashley's parents house. So we got to celebrate with both families this year.

Lizzy turns 2 in May.

Dave & Rachel

Sherry's twins Noah & Kate

Nathan was very excited that the Easter Bunny brought him his own set of paints.

Daniel 6 yrs. old

Uncle Brad came to visit & gave lots of piggy back rides.

Lizzy loved the Donald Duck voice that Uncle Brad made.

Ashley's friend Leslie & her family came to visit for 3 days. It was very fun to be able to spend some time with them while they were in town from Lethbridge, Canada.

Ashley & Leslie

Emily was able to come join us at the park and it was so fun to all be together again!

Leslie's daughter Madeleine took great care of our babies.

We are still trying to get Rachel to crawl. She can slink across a room backwards but hasn't actually crawled forward yet. She's still ahead of Lizzy who didn't start crawling until 13 months!

Daniel is a wonderful artist and builder. He made this bike for himself out of tinker toys.