The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanksgiving & Encounters w/ Santa

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Dave's Family in Pleasant Grove, UT.

Aunt Linda (Dave's sister) was so awesome because she brought crafts for the kids to do. Rachel even loved doing them!

Our boys love art projects, so they had the time of their life with all the squiggily eyes, pom poms, stickers. The kids even got silly bands when they completed a project (the new hot thing among kids).

Linda's oldest son Blake-- 11 yrs. old.

Ashley found the younger kids hiding under the stairs in a hidden toy closet. Lizzy is pictured with Sherry's twins and Linda's youngest daughter Claire.

Daniel's masterpiece. All the pictures were sent to cousin Elder Kelvin Jensen, who was in the MTC at the time-- now in the outskirts of Mexico.

Grandpa Jensen w/ Rachel

The Thanksgiving kids table

We had Thankgiving this year with Dave's parents, his Sister Linda's family, His Sister Debby's Family, Uncle Brad and Us. It was a lot of fun.

Uncle Brad is so good with our toddler age children. He has all these funny voices he makes and the kids LOVE it.

The kids keep coming back to him for more and more fun.

Rachel getting some love from Dave.

On Black Friday Santa arrives at the University Mall in a helicopter. My kids LOVE going every year to see him arrive. This year we brought their cousins, Barrett and Austin along with us.

Santa is always an hour late and it was FREEZING cold that morning, but it was all worth it when we came up and shook the kids hands.

The kids just love being that close to Santa

And a real life helicopter.

It's always exciting when Santa arrives and we get to see him for the first time each season.

The girls in their cute matching Thankgiving dresses.

We visited Ashley's parents church Christmas party the 1st weekend in December. Rachel has started to pose for pictures and here she is saying "Cheese" while I take the picture.

The girls in Papa's arms.

Daniel was excited to see his speech therapist, Miss Joy at Mimi's Christmas party. Most of the teachers and staff at Daniel's elementary school live in the neighborhood so it's always exciting to see them around town and in their 'normal' lives.

Nathan giving Santa a hug.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, there was a group of wild turkeys that walked across our lawn!

The girls with McKenna our long-time babysitter. We are sad to see her go off to college this January! (But are happy for her!)

The boys with Santa. Daniel wants a Wii and a bike, Nathan asked for legos or Thomas the train things...

Lizzy was terrified of Santa!

She did eventually calm down enough to ask him for a doll for Christmas!

Daniel turned 7 on Dec. 12th!

We are going to have a birthday party for him in January, but celebrated his actual birthday this year at Mimi and Papa's house at our Sunday dinner.

One of Rachel's favorite thing to do is climb up on the Kitchen table and either eat leftovers off peoples plates or else play with playdough (depending on what was left on the table!).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life in November 2010

We had the most wonderful fall weather this year! We spent many afternoons outside, playing in the leaves & enjoying the warm temperatures.

Nathan loved raking leaves this year and spent many afternoons creating big piles to jump into.

Lizzy 2 1/2 yrs. old

Lizzy had fun raking leaves too with her little mini rake.

The girls LOVED climbing into the big leaf piles and playing in them.

It was their favorite thing to do all fall...

Until someone got hurt!

Nathan enjoying the 'fruits of his labors'!

Nathan does not like to pose for pictures!

Rachel loved to sit in our little yellow VW bug. Lizzy really had learned to drive it by the end of fall.

Nathan is so thrilled that he can ride a bike now!

Rachel 1 1/2 yrs. old

It was so warm, we even had popsicles!

Daniel, almost 7

Our little kitty.

Ashley bought these fun little yellow boots at TJ Maxx and she couldn't keep her kids out of them!

Daniel has refused to sleep in the room that he and Nathan share because he insists Nathan snores. But, Nathan refuses to be alone, so when he wakes up to go to the bathroom at night, he goes looking for Daniel. And, then eventually end up somewhere together, whether Daniel likes it or not!

Daniel entered an art competition at his school and came home the other day with a 2nd place metal. He doesn't know for what, but this is the picture he submitted! We're thinking maybe 2nd place for 1st graders? Not sure....

The potty-training efforts continue... Rachel has become very interested in Lizzy's potty and Lizzy is very posessive of it-- whether she needs to use it or not!

Swim lessons are a big part of our Saturdays. We invited Dave's parents to come watch on the last session of the fall. It was a small miracle that Rachel has a bow in her hair in this picture. She would rather pull out her own hair than keep a bow in it! She refuses to wear bows.

Nathan in his class

Daniel swimming across the length of the pool

Nathan learning the back stroke. The other boy in the picture is his friend Gabriel Coletti.

We had our first small snow storm of the season.

Rachel in all of her snow gear.

Rachel kept wanting to walk in the snow but then she would get stuck and the boys would carry her back to safety.

The boys taught Lizzy how to eat snow and she thought that was so much fun.