The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, August 24, 2009

Life in August

To say life is busy with 4 kids under the age of 6 is an understatement, but here are some pictures of different outings that we have taken over the last month.
Daniel and Nathan are really stating to become good friends. We began the summer with Daniel regularly taunting Nathan, but things have improved quite a bit and Daniel is quite the helper around the house.
Daniel spent the summer working on a chart to earn his red electric scooter. It is one of the greatest joys of his life right now to ride it each morning.
Ashley finally gave in and bought Nathan his very own lightning mcqueen car. She was tired of him having tanrums when he couldn't ride Daniel's best friend Jonny's car. So, she spent the beginning of the summer selling many of our bikes & other electric cars in our garage so that we'd have the money to buy Lightning. If Nathan has a dry night (we had some bed-wetting issues) he gets to ride this car in the morning.
Daniel and Jonny have been inseparable this summer.
Ashley met up with Dave's niece Sherry at Thanksgiving Point childrens gardens.
Sherry's twins Kate and Noah with Nathan
Sherry holding Rachel
It was our first time at the gardens and they were beautiful!
On Pioneer Day, Dave and Ashley took the kids bowling at BYU
Dave was actually a great bowler, but the rest of the family needed the kiddie bumpers up! (Including Ashley)
Daniel LOVES swimming. He has had the chance to swim at friends houses a lot this summer, which has been so wonderful for him. He can't wait to start swim lessons again in the fall.
Nathan at the Primary swim party deciding whether he wanted to go down the slide or not. (He chose not about 10 times!)
Dave's mom holding baby Rachel
Ashley and the Young Women toured the Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Ashley took the kids to Bridal Veil Falls one afternoon-- one of our favorite places in Utah.

Daniel and Nathan had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks and wading in the water. They didn't mind getting wet in the cold water at all!

Baby Rachel 2 months
Rachel has been pretty fussy lately. We think she has some acid reflux problems, but we're not really sure. We're hoping it goes away soon!
Daniel has been giving Nathan a lot of piggy back rides. We're amazed he can hold him. They're only about 8 lbs. apart.
Ashley had the chance to go to girls camp with her Young Women for 2 days. It unfortunately rained most of the time she was up there and was SO cold, but she had a great time.
Ashley with her YW presidency. We were all soggy, trying to figure out how to cook dinner with a wet stove and campfire!
The Senior girls
All of the Young Women in our ward. We had great attendance, we had everyone but one girl there this year.
Nathan went boating with Ashley for the Ym/YW summer boating activity. It was his first time on a boat and he loved every minute of it!
Baby Rachel's smiles.
One of Lizzy's favorite things to play with is little matchbox cars. She makes the cutest noises when she pretends to drive them!
She loves to put toys into little drawers and compartments.
Rachel's dark hair is falling out and she's becoming a little blond. Everyone says how much she looks like her brothers.