The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, November 26, 2012

Daniel got an early birthday present this year-- a 7 week year old kitten Cali or Cutie Pie. She is lot of fun. Very tiny and playful.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Celebrations

We got to celebrate Halloween twice this year-- on the actual day as well as the Saturday before at our Church's "Trunk-Or_Treat" family activity.
Grandma & Grandpa Jensen stopped by to see the kids in their costumes
Rachel decided to be a butterfly fairy the night of Halloween. She loves to dress up, so it was hard to choose among her many costumes.
Daniel got so many funny comments about being Waldo when we were trick-or-treating that Nathan got jealous and said he wants to be waldo next year!
Trick-O-Treating at Mimi's House on Halloween night
We also trick-o-treated at our long time babysitter, McKenna's door....
Ashley's sister Brooke, came to visit from Singapore on night, so we had fun spending time with her. Here she is pictures with all the Utah grandkids.
Lizzy was thrilled with her Supergirl costume
Ashley's brother Stephan and his daughter Siena
Barrett had fun playing the part in his chef costume!
Our trunk all decorated with little ghosts the kids made