The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Events

This week Daniel started preschool !!!! He was so excited (as was Ashley). He told Ashley to wait in the car the first day and said that he wanted to go in by himself!Nathan got to sit in a REAL tractor at Mimi's ward social. He is VERY into tractors these days so it was a big deal!


On labor day Ashley took the boys to an exhibit at the Natural History Museum. It was all about frogs !

Barrett's Pirate Birthday Party

Daniel had a great time at Barrett's 4th Birthday!

Austin loved the balloons
The birthday boy Barrett

Bean Museum

This Summer Ashley and the boys discovered the Bean Museum at BYU. It became one of their favorite outings. The boys just loved running from animal to animal and pressing all of the "info" buttons.

Nathan thought all of the animals were real