The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Monday, February 9, 2009

Riding Scooters Around the Park

The boys were bored Saturday afternoon and because the weather was so warm (47 degrees) Ashley decided to take the boys to the park to ride their scooters. Unfortunately, it was very windy by the river, but the boys didn't seem to care. They had a lot of fun!
Lizzy enjoyed the walk outside.
Nathan was having fun doing little stunts on his scooter

When we got to a bridge over the river, the boys threw snowballs in.

Daniel enjoyed being the leader and choosing which trails we took.
Despite the snow, the boys had fun playing on the different playgrounds at the park.
Lizzy, always happy.

The Circus Comes to Town

Last Tuesday, the Circus came to town, so Ashley took the boys. It was their first time at the circus and they LOVED it! Daniel said that he liked the acrobats best and Nathan loved the motorcycle stunts. He has been wearing his bike helmet around the house all week asking for a motorcycle!

The boys were very exctied to go. It wasn't very crowded so we had primo seats even despite getting there late!
The Lions & Tigers
The boys loved these poodle dogs. They did all kind of stunts, like jumping through hoops. They were dyed pink and blue.
A photo of Ashley courtesy of Daniel
Daniel's photo of the elephants.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trip to the Fire Station

This past week, Ashley took Nathan's joy school to tour a fire station in Provo. This was a BIG DEAL in their little lives and it was actually very interesting to go inside and see how things work.

The kids were very excited to see the big fire truck up close. But, disappointed that they didn't get to sit in it (because the fireman were called out and had to leave during our tour).
Here are the boys touring the ambulance. All of the Provo fireman are EMT's as well and they said 80% of their calls are medical related. They knew Dover dr. well with all of the old people on our street!
It was exciting to see the firetruck speed away with its lights and sirens on!