The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Sunday, March 14, 2010

February 2010

Daniel had to wear a costume to school one day and recite a nursery rhyme. He chose "Hey Diddle Diddle" and Mimi was nice enough to make him this great cow costume. When he came downstairs and saw it, you'd think it was Christmas! He was so proud to wear his costume to school. Thanks Mimi for your help!

Rachel has really envolved in the last month. She is so much happier and capable of doing things. She loves to play downstairs in the playroom with toys and this ball popper is probably her most favorite. It was a gift from Stephan and Carina and is getting lots of use now!

Rachel still is such a people person. She is easy to laugh and loves attention. It's been such a blessing to be able to sit her down on the floor to play with her, instead of carrying her all day long!

Lizzy has started to run this month and loves to be chased. Here she is trying to egg Ashley on to chase her!

The boys love to play computer games. The oven timer is often set so they can take turns using Ashley's computer.

After months of picky eating, Rachel has finally decided that she likes most food! She will now let us feed her something other than baby bananas! Maybe she'll start growing now that she eats!

Ashley was involved in a big Valentines Flowers fund raiser for Young Womens this month. We sold 68 bouquets to the men of the ward and had the Young Women assemble and deliver them.

Ashley was able to volunteer in Daniel's kndergarten classrooom for his Valentines Party. She manned the cookie decorating table and it was fun to watch Daniel interact with his friends.

Daniel took this picture because he thought Rachel and her doll looked like twins with their bald heads!

For Nathan's birthday we gave him a huge lot of Geotrax trains we bought on ebay. It has been the best inside toy we have ever bought our boys. Nathan especially has spend hours and hours building train villages all the way from his bedroom to the playroom. We're impressed at how skilled he is fitting tracks together all by himself!

Lizzy has started to get into a lot of mischeif at home and has entered the world of time outs. She is so sad when she gets one, Ashley just had to take a picture to remember her. Lizzy has an uncanny ability to unscrew bottle tops and contact cases.

Rachel just loves her dad. Whenever she sees him she wants him to hold her and won't give up until she gets her way!