The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here are some photos of our chaotic daily life during the month of January.

Dave got Ashley a new little camera for Christmas that she can keep in her purse at all times. Daniel has discovered it and LOVES to take pictures of our family around the house every day. He especially likes to take self portraits (he takes after his aunt Brooke).

Ashley teaching Joy School at our house.
Nathan entertaining Elizabeth while Daniel is at preschool.
Lizzy is starting to eat more and more solid food. She LOVES to eat and is getting quite chubby. We just love to squeeze those legs!
The boys moved into their new room and are using the bunk beds that Dave built from scratch. He did a great job and they look really nice.
Daniel and Nathan both started swimming lessons last week at Provo Rec. Center. Daniel had the time of his life, but Nathan cried through his entire lesson.
The boys love it with Ashley puts Lizzy in the bath with them. She is quite the splasher!
We've discovered sledding this year. Daniel is especially into it at our new park. He is always climbing to steeper hills to get a faster ride.
Lizzy is quickly becoming a little daddy's girl. Whenever Dave walks into the room he has her FULL attention!

Childrens Museum

During Christmas break Ashley took the boys and her nephews Barrett and Austin Heilner to the Discovery Childrens Museum in Salt Lake City. Our boys absolutely LOVE going there and it was fun to have their cousins along....

Playing music together
Daniel was proud of his tower
Construction Zone. Barrett loved operation the crane.
Nathan gathering balls for the wind tunnels
Daniel and Barrett had fun dressing up in the costume area.
Filling up the car
The Water area
Putting balls down the wind tunnels.

Richard's Wedding

On Dec. 27th Ashley attended her cousin Richard Wood's reception in Salt Lake City. Here he is pictured with his wife Lisha. Richard is in medical school in Arizona.
Ashley's mom and Aunt Claire

Cousin Catie Freedman, almost 13
Cousins Andrew, Thomas and Ben Freedman
Ashley's dad and cousin Charlie (With baby Adam)
Shannon Freedman with Will and Andrew Freedman