The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It was pouring rain on Halloween this year. Thankfully, Mimi (Grandma) loaned us some umbrellas, but it was certainly a cold wet night!


Mimi bought Lizzy this adorable Snow White costume in China it fit perfectly for Halloween. I thought Lizzy really looked like Snow White with her brown bob and red headband! She was thrilled with the dress.

Nathan was a fireman again this year. Next year he says he'll definitely be Mario!

Rachel loved her little fairy costume! She got such a kick out of wearing it and being in costume like the other kids.

Our poor kids were sick with the stomach flu Halloween weekend. In fact, Nathan threw up right after this picture was taken! Then we went out trick-or-treating! They refused to miss out!

Lizzy was so excited to wear her dress.

Rachel was a little flower fairy.

Daniel was a chef this year for Halloween.

We went to Daniel's Halloween parade at school. It was really fun! All the kids march up and down the aisles set up in the gym and you can see everyone's costume.

Life in October 2010

We had several fun outings at the pumpkin patch. Lizzy and Rachel were old enough to enjoy it this year!

Rachel is pretty fearless (except she's terrified of dogs!). She climbed right on top of a little platform and was running around with all the other big kids. She has no idea she's just a baby!

Nathan had fun climbing in the play area at the pumpkin patch too.

Rachel had a great time exploring.

Entering the corn maze.

Rachel 17 months.

One of Rachel's favorite things to do is push her baby stroller around the block. We did it over and over again in October!

Soccer season ended, so Daniel tried Basketball next. It wasn't his favorite thing, but he did love running from side to side. Maybe we should try track instead?

Daniel guarding another player. They give the kids colored wrist bands so they know who to keep track of!

Lizzy riding her bike in style-- with her boots and sparkily purse.

Daniel with his best friend.

One huge momentous thing that happened in October is that Nathan learned how to ride a bike!

Such a cute sight.

Ashley and Lizzy.

Another trip to the pumpkin patch--this time with Daniel.

Another big thing that happened in October is that we tried to potty-train Lizzy. She is still only half potty-trained. She will only use HER potty, so that doesn't do much for us when she is out of the house!

Lizzy got some special Minnie Mouse underpants to wear.

Rachel was especially excited about Lizzy's potty-training. She kept bringing her drinks, toys, snacks. Then she started to get jealous and wanted to sit on the potty herself!

Dave's Dad celebrated his 75th birthday. Here he is pictured with many of his grandkids.

Dave's sister Linda put 75 candles on the cake. It was pretty funny when Grandpa blew them out because there was a HUGE cloud of smoke! We were afraid the smoke detector would go off!

Uh Oh! Someone's been in Mommy's jewelry drawer!

Nathan's preschool teacher Mr. Brad. He loves him so much.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life in September 2010

We had a wonderful surprise visit from one of Ashley's college roommates, Kristina and her family. Ashley had so much fun visiting with her and catching up. Pictured, is Ashley's friend Emily & her boys with Kristina, her husband Joel and her brand new 6 week old baby Westin.

Ashley, Emily and Kristina. Met in their teens, now in their 30's!

It felt like we spent A LOT of September at soccer games. Nathan and Daniel both played this fall. Here Nathan is pictured at one of his games.

Daniel's favorite part of soccer was receiving his medal at the end of the season and seeing what he was going to get for snack each week after the game!

Lizzy actually had so much fun playing with soccer balls during the soccer season. She really enjoyed running and kicking the ball. In fact, she seemed a little bit more into soccer than the boys!

Almost 7 years old!

Lizzy, with her key accessories-- her "night night" i.e. yellow blanket she's attached to and her sparkily pink purse with all her treasures.

We had a fun visit one Sunday evening from Mimi. The kids love playing with her. Here they were outside drawing pictures with chalk.

One momentous thing that happened in September is that Rachel learned to walk. Once she started, she never stopped!

The girls love spending time with Ashley's mom.

Ashley took the kids to the Hoggle Zoo one Saturday afternoon. Rachel insisted on walking around the zoo.

She would NOT ride in the stroller. She insisted on being a big girl like the other kids! She is 1 1/2 going on 3!

Lizzy was a little bit unsure about some of the animals. She didn't fully understand that the gates and glass between us would protect her from harm!

Daniel LOVED being able to read the zoo map. And, insisted on navigating us around the zoo.

We finally got to see the cute baby elephant that was born last year at the zoo.

Our little soccer player!