The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life in February 2011

Here are some everyday pictures of our life in February....

Rachel is quite the troublemaker! Here she got into the shampoo and decided to wash her hair!

One of the girls favorite things to do is wrestle

Rachel loves jumping off the end table onto the couch. She's fearless (except she's terrified of dogs!)

Daniel showing off his new glasses

The girls love things with glitter and sparkle!

The girls love princess movies and Tinkerbell. They watch the Tinkerbell movies every Tuesday and Thursday with mimi!

Daniel loves to read. He now can read chapter books and we just read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" together

Nathan is the master builder and loves to build forts

Nathan is our social butterfly-- loves playing with the girls and makes friends wherever we go...

Daniel with his Spanish teacher Senora Zopetti at celebrate literacy night at school.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

LIfe in January 2011

Daniel got glasses in January! He loves the frames he picked out-- blue rims with orange handles. He thinks he looks so cool...

Nathan turned 5 in January! He still has a major train fascination.

Nathan blowing out his candles with spit!

Ashley with her cousin Jonathan

Ashley's dad retired in January. A celebration held in his honor at the Alta Club in Salt Lake Ciy.

Ashley's Aunt Claire (her dad's sister)

Uncle Eugene

Cousin Charlie and his wife Shannon

We all went around the table telling funny stories about Ashley's dad

The Freedmans and Heilners

Ashley & Dave

We had a big combined birthday party for the boys at a gymnastics place. Rachel had the time of her life. She LOVES jumping on trampolines.

Lizzy loves gymnastics too. We go every Friday and the girls get excited whenever we go.

Daniel in the foam pit.

Nathan on the trampoline


We got mini cupcakes for the party, from one of Ashley's favorite new places, Cupcake Chic. They are so good!

Ashley's parents with her brother Stephan