The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Pictures

We recently had some new pictures taken of our family. The kids amazingly cooperated in the first 5 minutes, so we got some nice ones of all of us. After that, it was a bit of a challenge! Ashley's happy to have a updated family picture since we haven't taken one since LIZZY was born (almost 2 1/2 years ago!).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Life in August 2010

Lizzy's favorite thing to do right now is to walk around the block pushing her baby stroller. She has become VERY into dolls--rocking them, feeding them, putting them to sleep. It's so fun to watch her be a little mama.

Lizzy especially likes it when Ashley pushes Rachel in her stroller at the same time. We have been adjusting some nap schedules lately. Lizzy has completely dropped her nap and Rachel is down to one. So, we're having a lot of little cat naps like this one! The girls are also finally sharing a room, which they seem to enjoy. They're becoming close little friends.

Nathan is having a hard adjustment not having Daniel around as much. So, we've had a lot of playdates lately. Here Nathan is with his best friend Krew, driving around in the red mustang.

Rachel learned how to give kisses this month and gives out lots of them! She also started walking and is now walking everywhere. She loves her new independence and being a big girl now!

The girls love playing with KC our kitty. We're trying to teach them to be 'soft' and not pull whiskers, tails, etc.

We had the chance to go to Michael Hess' wedding in August in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. He and his bride looked so happy together. Michael was one of Dave's Young Men in Burbank. Now he's all grown up and married!

Dave with another one of his young men, Jacob Barlow. Michael and Jacob were probably the 2 boys he was closest to and still keeps in touch with.

The happy couple.

Another happy couple!