The Jensen Family

The Jensen Family

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life in April & May

We gave Daniel an air pump & clown balloons for Easter. I think it is one of my kids favorite things we have ever bought! They have so much fun blowing up balloons and trying to make balloon animals!
Daniel & Nathan's Joy school class went on a field trip to the BYU Art Museum. The boys were thrilled when they saw this clown balloon exhibit!
While on campus, Ashley bought the boys BYU baseball caps for the summer.
Lizzy was happy to be along for the field trip and go for a walk around campus.
Nathan LOVES computer games. He actually seems to have a natural ability with computers. He can navigate his way around and just loves spending time on computers. Maybe a future career?
We have been spending A LOT of time outside! (A little bit too much for Ashley, because at 9 months pregnant, she would much prefer to hide out in the air conditioning!)
Elizabeth fits into the baby outfit Auntie Brooke gave her-- 18-24 months.
The boys have been very aware of Ashley's enormous growing belly. Here they babies in their tummies that are about to come out. They've been giving birth to their "twoies" (blankies) quite a bit lately!
Daniel has been very interested in climbing trees lately. Here the boys were having fun at Rock Canyon Park.

We all cheer Lizzy on so much when she does anything that she is starting to clap for herself when she make noises or does anything funny. It's pretty cute!
Lizzy is getting close to crawling. She just turned 1 this week and she still doesn't really crawl! She can army crawl backwards, but she really has to be in the mood for it. Otherwise she hates it! She's more content to sit and watch the action going on! (and talk)
Daniel learned to ride a 2-wheeler bike about two months ago. he just decided one day that he was going to do it, and that was that. Now he loves riding bikes around our neighborhood with his friends...
Ashley took the boys to the zoo last week for an outing. It was actually a lot of fun because it wasn't too hot or crowded. All 3 kids enjoyed seeing the animals.
Nathan's favorite part of the zoo was riding the train.

We got to watch a lot of the animals eat their food, which was kind of exciting. Because it wasn't too hot, many of the animals were visible. It seems when we usually go, they're all hiding out in their caves!
Our church's primary had a talent show last week. Nathan absolutely loves the spotlight. He kept wanting to sing and talk into the microphone. We had to drag him away!
Nathan sang "Old mcDonald" and played instruments with his nursery class.
Daniel made paper airplanes and shot them off the stage. It was actually a hit because all the primary children wanted to catch one!

Monday, May 4, 2009


The Easter bunny came! Daniel had LOTS of questions about the Easter bunny this year-- he wanted to know how he gets inside our house, how he decides what to give us, how he makes to everyone's house, if he's real? We made sure to leave our front door open so that he could come inside!

Ashley's niece Siena (Stephan's daughter) 5 months
Lizzy in her little Easter dress with Dave
The boys getting ready for the big Easter egg hunt at Mimi & Papa's house.
Nathan was old enough to understand the purpose of the easter egg hunt this year. He had a lot of fun looking for eggs.

Daniel counting his eggs.
Mimi always buys great prizes for the winners of the Easter egg hunt.
Daniel and Nathan were very excited about their prizes.
Lizzy 10 months
We spent Easter dinner at Dave's parents house. His mom is famous for her ham sauce so Easter is a big deal at their house. Here the boys were outside with their Jensen cousins, the Olers-- Linda's kids. They had a lot of fun playing outside with them. The weather was beautiful on Easter Sunday and then we had a big snow storm the next day!